1.Shabbat Services

We hold weekly Shabbat services on Saturdays starting at 3pm (and special holiday services in accordance with the Torah).  There we worship together, which includes Davidic dancing, singing liturgical Hebrew prayers and blessings, reading the Scriptures in the original language, (with interpretation), and thoroughly examining the Holy Scriptures together.

After services we have been known to feast together at oneg before carrying Yeshua's light out into the world and doing our best to facilitate world restoration (Tikkun Olam). 

Shabbat (Saturday)
Kehillat Elohim Shabbat / Torah Services                                  3-5:00pm
4815 Executive Park Ct # 201, Jacksonville, FL 32216

2.Classes, Study Groups & Fellowship

Would you like to learn Hebrew or Greek at a nice slow pace, without spending a lot of money, and without being judged or graded? This is the place! We hold periodic classes on the Biblical languages, starting at the beginner's level. So, there is no need to be intimidated.

Are you looking for fellowship with solid believers, and a good study group that truly grasps the context of the Scriptures? In addition to our services, we have a Women's Group on Wednesday nights (check our bulletin for locations). Come, taste, and see that ADONAI is good!

Weekly Schedule:

Yom R’vee’ee (Wednesday)
Women’s Bible Study                                                                     6:30-8pm
12883 Julington Ridge Dr E., Jacksonville

Shabbat (Saturday)
Dance Class                                                                                       1-2pm
4815 Executive Park Ct # 201, Jacksonville, FL 32216

We also have Hebrew and Greek classes. 

Come and join us! Learn and Grow!

3.Tzedakah & Outreach

Would you like to be involved in the ministries that Yeshua mentioned as the most important of all?

We have had members involved in all of these areas, who would love to help you get involved (if that is what you want). Some are involved in local Street Ministry: feeding and clothing the poor & providing them with basic supplies, and (at times) handing out tracts. Others have been involved in local prison ministries (both male and female), and some are involved in visitations to hospitals and retirement communities. If you want to grow spiritually, then this is the place for you!

If you are interested in these ministrites, and want more details or want to get involved, then please email us at [email protected] and we will get you connected.
  1. About Kehillat Elohim - 15 January 2018
    Discussing some of the key terms and core beliefs of our congregation, as well as our vision and mission.
  2. Not a Lesser God - 20 January 2018
    Who wrestled with Jacob? Who is Yeshua? Who is the Creator? What is Echad? Who can fully understand Elohim? Who can share His glory? Who can share His glory? Who sits on the throne? Bottom Line: Yeshua is NOT a demi-god, or a lesser god.
  3. Why Messianic? 27 Jan 2018
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  4. Accepting Responsibility - 11 Feb 2018
    There comes a time in every person's life when they make a stand, or come of age. Explore with us: what does that mean? Why is it important?.
  5. Trouble with Church
    Is this word really in the Bible? Does it matter, and why?
  6. Purim: A Season of Hope
    American vets are committing suicide at an alarming rate; we have an opioid crisis, and terrorism has spread throughout the earth. Where is the hope? Can all of this darkness be overcome? Find out, as we explore the message of Esther, the one Scriptural book that does not mention the Name of Yah (God).
  7. Jason Harris' Purim - Bar Mitzvah Message
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  8. Building a Community: the Elevation Offering (Exodus 35:30 - 36:8)
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  9. When We Die
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  10. Pesach Part One (of Three)
    MUST SEE - Part One of an intensive, and insightful, look at history, the Passover, the Seder, and the Messiah
  11. Passover - Part 2 of 3
    MUST SEE - An intensive, and insightful, look at history, the Passover, the Seder, and the Messiah.
  12. Pesach - Part 3 of 3
    MUST SEE - An intensive, and insightful, look at history, the Passover, the Seder, and the Messiah.
  13. Tricky Passover Issues
    Answering 3 tricky questions: was the Last Supper Really a Seder? If so, was it like our Seder? And when should we start counting the Omer? Ultimately, these all lead to a question of the reliability of the Scripture, and a question of relevance. So, yes, we will discuss why this matters to you.
  14. Hebrews Intro - God Speaks
    An in-depth introduction to the book of Hebrews, and the many places and ways in which Yah has spoken to His people.
  15. Better than the Prophets (Hebrews 1:2 – 1:3a)
    God had spoken in the past through the prophets, but now He had spoken through His Son. Who is this mysterious Son, and does this message from Hebrews match up with traditional Jewish thinking?
  16. At the Right Hand of "The Majesty"
    What is this mysterious euphemism in Hebrew 1:3 “the power on high," and why is Messiah sitting at His/It's right hand? What is the message here?
  17. Better than Angels
    The author of Hebrews makes it very clear that the Messiah is superior to the Angels. Did he concoct this idea on his own? Is he right?
  18. The New Covenant
    If you accepted Yeshua as your Lord, you have entered the New Covenant. Do you know what a covenant is; do you know how serious that is, and what it entails? Do you know what the New Covenant is? Could you explain it? What’s different in this covenant? Why did God make it, and with whom did He make it?
  19. Shavuot - Consequences
    Shavuot, or the Feast of Weeks, is an incredibly important festival. Find out why, and how it affects you.
  20. Finding Purpose & Restoring the World
    Messianic believers tend to feel that we have a deeper understanding of biblical principles than most. We are also a diverse community with many gifts and talents, but how do we mobilize our gifts with a clear understanding of how we impact the world, if we do not understand the importance of our gifts and talents and how God uses them? Learn how to actually effect social change, and what it is that are we obligated to do.
  21. Warning Pay Attention!
    The author of Hebrews goes out of the way to ensure readers understand Who Yeshua is, but why is this done? What’s the point? Tune in.
  22. Falling Away
    Is it possible to walk away, turn back, or “fall away” from the faith? Is it possible for another to snatch you away? Will God abandon you? How secure is your status? What does the author of Hebrews have to say, and does it contradict the rest of Scripture?
  23. Good News!
    There is a new King; He is just and compassionate. His rule is not just over some small nation-state, or even over a "superpower." He reigns over the whole world. We may not see this clearly yet in our age, but it WILL be fully manifested in the Olam Haba, the Age to Come. Considering all the corruption in the governments of this age that is truly Good News!
  24. Examining Christology
    What does it mean that the Messiah emptied Himself? Did He really empty anything; is that a good translation? What did He empty? What is Kenosis? What is a Hypostatic Union? What does Einstein say about this? What does the Greek say, and what does the Hebrew say? What does Mainstream Evangelical Christianity say? How much does this matter to you? How was your opinion formed? How do you feel about those who don’t always agree with you? How much does the text matter in these discussions? Let's examine these things together..
  25. The History & Future of the 17th of Tammuz
    What happened? Why did it happen? How does that impact you? What will happen in the future with regards to this day? Explore this together with us with this video, recorded on a day when severe storms raged through the area, continually interrupting our livestream.
  26. Passion for the Torah
    How does one find a passion for the Torah? Where does that come from? How do you get it? Can you cultivate it?
  27. Origin of the Synagogue
    When did people begin to meet in synagogues, and why did they do it? What did they do there? Does it matter to us?
  28. The 9th of Av
    A Message on the 9th of Av, and why it matters to you.
  29. Yeshua our Brother
    The Great Son of Yah became a lowly human, a brother to His fellow Jews, in order to take your place. He suffered an agonizing death and save you, because that’s what it took. .
  30. What’s the Worst that Could Happen?
    Many people today suffer from a stream of continuous anxieties, the root of which is really the fear of death. How can this be overcome, and (for those who believe in the Messiah) is that really the worst thing that could happen?d.
  31. More Honor than Moses
    Who is greater than Moses? Listen and find out.
  32. Surprise Quiz
    Have you been watching Kehillat Elohim? How is your Bible knowledge? How is your Hebrew? Care to test join in on this surprise quiz?d.
  33. The Psalm 95 Connection
    There is a strong parallel between Psalm 95 and the message of Hebrews, and it deals with you!
  34. Finding Shalom
    The Scripture does not warn without cause, nor does it leave one hanging; rather, it leads to Shalom.
  35. Yom Teruah: Origins
    A study on the origins and the meaning of Yom Teruah, also known as Rosh Hashanah, Zikhron Teruah, the Feast of Trumpets, and Yom Ha-Din.
  36. Shabbat Shuvah
    Scriptures speak of a time at the end of the age when Israel will return to God and He will respond..
  37. The Darkest Day!
    Learn the prophetic significance of Yom Teruah / Rosh Hashanah as well as the meaning behind some of the traditions.
  38. Yizkor
    Yizkor, Kaddish & Psalm 23
  39. Kol Nidre
    Shehechianu, Kol Nidre, Al Het, Avinu Malkeynu, Lev 17:11, Adon Olam & The Story of the Purple Gang
  40. Yom Kippur Service
    How can you tell what ADONAI likes? Well, He tells us, and He shows us in His Word. He treasures obedience, and that includes obedience to the "Prophet Like Moses." Who is that mysterious prophet? Tune in and buckle your seat-belt.
  41. Neilah
    Closing the Gates
  42. Light & Shadows
    Messiah in the Moadim (God’s Holidays)
  43. Emmanuel the Messiah
    A Story of God Coming to Dwell Among Man
  44. Etrog + Lulav
    Sukkot: The Mystery of the Lulav & the Etrog
  45. Hoshana Rabbah
    We are reaching the apex of The High Holidays as we near the end of Sukkot, with Hoshana Rabbah!
  46. 8th Day & Simchat Torah
    Can we really trust the Scriptures? Let’s explore together..
  47. The Prophet Like Moses Part III
    God promised that He would send a prophet like Moses who would lead the people, and that prophet must be obeyed. Join us as we investigate the identity of that prophet.
  48. The Prophet Like Moses Part II
    God promised that He would send a prophet like Moses who would lead the people, and that prophet must be obeyed. Join us as we investigate the identity of that prophet.
  49. The Prophet Like Moses Part I
    God promised that He would send a prophet like Moses who would lead the people, and that prophet must be obeyed. Join us as we investigate the identity of that prophet.
  50. Forgiveness & Reconciliation
    This world is a very imperfect place, and sooner or later we all get hurt. How are we to deal with others who hurt us? What about circumstances of abuse, or tyrannical behavior?
  51. Observing Shabbat
    Are you new at observing Shabbat and not sure what to do, or not do? This is the video for you.
  52. You Can't Hide
    God knows what you do, and He knows your motivation. You can’t trick Him and you can’t hide.
  53. Firm in Our Faith
    A clear apologetic regarding Yeshua, the Son of God, and a call to obedience, on our first congregational anniversary.
  54. Washings
    A brief examination of the biblical reasons for ritual washings.
  55. Tzedakah
    How important is prison ministry, visiting the sick, feeding & clothing the poor, and taking care of orphans and widows? How do we love our neighbor? How do we love God? Do these questions matter to you? Are you involved it any of these ministries? Do you care about your community? Is there evidence?
  56. Images & Worship
    Clarification on the second commandment and its implications for today
  57. Freedom A Chanukah Story
    Without the Maccabees the world would be a much different place. There would be no Jews, no Bible, and no Messiah. The so-called "silent years" between Malachi and Matthew are not so silent after all. Join us for the amazing story of Chanukah.
  58. Purity in Worship
    A discussion regarding paganism, worship, the conquest narrative, the Tabernacle and motivations.
  59. Light of the World
    Discussing Chanukah, the Messiah, and the end of the age..
  60. The Calling
    A lesson on callings, clergy, fronting (in Hebrew & Greek), the Messiah, and you.
  61. Genealogy of the Messiah
    Genealogy of the Messiah Matthew 1:1-17 & Luke 3:23-38 What is the mystery of the 14th generation, and how is it solved?
  62. Location of Messiah’s Birth
    Location of Messiah’s Birth Micah 5:1 (2) Who is this verse talking about? What does the Bible say? What do extra-biblical sources say? What does Bethlehem mean? Why does all of this matter?